READING! “My” for Sunday, May 31st

I’m a bit late getting this posted today as I wanted to celebrate Pentecost first.

Here’s the links to the news/information sources that recommend every day:

The Week and the Five Things to Know Today

The Conversation

Good News Network

I’m adding two more here – & (to which I just renewed my monthly subscription)

And few sites have more comprehensive resources for prayer than Creighton U. Daily Reflections

And here’s the link (which stays the same each day) to “My”

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Sunday May 31st You can bookmark this link!

A bit of background on the daily “My” that I curate. The “tags” for content are pretty focused – climate change, digital education, podcasts, books and the common good.

Some days the algorithm, when the day’s paper is generated at 11:00 am EDT, pulls some pretty lame (and old) articles. On other days (like today) it pulls some pretty great ones.

Either way, I go into the dash board soon (hopefully) after it posts each day and I edit and move around the stories. Since the link is the same day to day, depending on when you visit things might look a bit different.

OK. Enough with the background. Here’s links to just a few of the really good stuff for today:

“20 Must-Listen to Podcasts by Black Women in 2019” (although this link is more than a year old, I imagine the podcasts listed there are more relevant than ever now)

“Dust Bowl Conditions of the 1920’s US Are Now More Than Twice as Likely to Reoccur”

“Psychologists Reveal 10 Things You Can Do to Boost Mental Health”

“26 Modern Books Which Will Become Classics”

“Freedom Without Commitment to the Common Good is Just Half Witted Anarchy”

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