Pandemic Photos O’ Day 77

Today, after a long day reading about and watching the uprisings in the U.S., I decided that this image will start each day’s Pandemic Photo O’ post:

You may have seen that I added the countdown timer at the bottom of the blog. It’s only counting months now. Yet, I need to know the exact number of days since every long day of this crisis period is one day closer to a judgment on what has transpired since the last presidential election.

I am too drained now to revisit the day’s articles. And I’m going to sleep early tonight as I have a couple of significant things to get up for tomorrow morning.

I’m going to downtown Columbus with a friend and my 16 year old daughter for a rally calling for racial justice. I was encouraged this evening as I was on a national video conference with about eight thousand others through the group SURJ – Showing Up for Racial Justice.

From the “About” section of their webpage:

Also tomorrow afternoon, I return to work at Good Vibes Winery – where I’ve worked almost every Saturday for almost eight years. That is until the pandemic hit in mid-March and I’ve not walked through the door there since.

So, it’s going to be a full day. And one about which I’m sure I’ll have a photo or two for tomorrow’s Pandemic Photo O’ Day.

If you want to see stark, powerful photo journalism of last night’s uprisings, The Atlantic has a selection here.

After all I wrote about Trump and his poisonous Tweets in yesterday’s post, I don’t have the energy to write more about it now. This article’s title pretty much sums it up what I’d write anyway: “Trump’s Looting Tweet Violates His Oath of Office.”

The photo above and this photo are from my hometown of Columbus, Ohio and the protest which took place outside our Statehouse last night and early Friday morning.

I have come to love this town (it will be 14 years this August that I’ve lived in Central Ohio) for photos like this, also in the same reddit thread today:

What links these two photos is the “together” in both.

I did want to share one important article which gives valuable perspective on what we’re seeing on television of “the riots”

What We’re Missing When We Condemn ‘Violence’ at Protests

To bed for me now as I’ll be “standing up” tomorrow morning. Maybe tomorrow’s Pandemic Photos O’ Day will be one or a few that I’ll take.

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