Pandemic Photos O’ Day 76

A faithful reader of this blog saw yesterday’s Photo O’ Day 75 and gave me a tip.

He said that I was inaccurate in writing that Trump did not publicly do or say anything to mark the grim milestone of 100,000 U.S. deaths from COVID-19.

After researching the quote by Trump this reader gave to me, I discovered the Tweet shown in the image above. There’s more to the story though….

First, these recent articles. There’s much valuable information here today, so please take some time with these carefully selected articles:

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So this headline was from Thursday also:

First, a timeline. I posted Wednesday’s Photo O at 2:30ish on Thursday morning. Keep in mind the 100,000 victims of COVID-19 milestone was reached on Wednesday and that’s when VP Biden recorded his video.

Trump made no public comments about the milestone until this Tweet which you can see was at 9:37 on Thursday morning. So, I didn’t mention this in my post b/c it was Tweeted until about 7 hours after I posted.

Categorically, there is a chasm between the POTUS getting in front of a camera and addressing the nation in this horrible time of death and loss and sending out a Tweet to offer “heartfelt sympathy.”

Putting aside the impropriety of Tweeting instead of a dignified address to the nation, what about the timing – was Trump away from Twitter on Wednesday as the nation mourned?

Seriously? No, he was busy Tweeting, including this one on Wednesday evening not long after VP Biden Tweeted his video “address”

And what did Trump Tweet Thursday morning after the “condolence” Tweet:

Nothing too terrible – just sarcastically shaming China and waving the “witch hunt” flag yet again.

At least on Thursday he didn’t Tweet about his latest obsession – “Psycho” Joe Scarborough

But he did Tweet about that on Wednesday, as seen in the Tweet at that bottom of this string:

So, what to make of the one, late “condolence” Tweet in the midst of strings of Tweets which are divisive at best and cruel and unhinged at worst?

Here’s an analogy. Imagine your neighbor across the street. Every day he shovels piles of horse manure onto his front lawn. Some times he brings it out of his house to dump and share the sight and smell with you and his other neighbors. Other times, his friends bring him horse manure and he adds that to his growing, putrid pile.

Then one morning, he brings out a small sign that says “I Love My Neighbors” and plants it in the poop. A few minutes after that he continues to shovel the poop.

What would you make of his sentiment in the midst of the pile of poop he continues to shovel and share?

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