Pandemic Playlist #7 – 100,000 Americans Dead from COVID-19

I have been feeling sad today as I reflect on the 100,000 (and this number is likely low) Americans who have died so far from COVID-19.

I share articles, images and a video memorializing this tragic milestone in a different post today.

Here I share ten songs from the next section of my Spotify playlist made up of songs that speak to my experience of this period in which we are living.

Nathanial Rateliff has this single which I’ve heard many times over these long weeks:

This song and the album of the same name, is dedicated to his friend who died suddenly in 2018.

Next, is this mystical hymn which I find both cutting edge and yet similar to a biblical psalm

Now a more traditionally beautiful song more than a decade. I find both the simple chords and his thoughtful vocalization of the lyrics deeply moving. So here’s three different versions of it:

In case you’re wondering, they used 250,000 balls filming this memorable Sony commercial.

If that classic Pink Floyd song which is decades old happens to speak to the longing we have during this time, what does a song written during this period give to us – especially as we are missing those whom we love.

Here’s a familiar song, with a title that speaks for itself, performed in a very Pandemic Period manner:

The grief we feel can easily be mixed with anger as an earlier and more decisive response from the President would likely have saved lives – perhaps even 36,000 or more with a united lock-down of the U.S. which came just one week earlier!

The Drive by Truckers released this song in early 2020 about the reaction many have to the horrors of mass shooting “events.” I think the sentiment is applicable now – especially as we seek structural changes to fix the many injustices exposed by this pandemic.

The version of the next song isn’t performed by the singer who wrote and released it. His name was Dave Berman and he performed under the name Purple Mountains. This song was released in May of 2019. Berman took his own life in November 2019.

I close with two more songs released since this Pandemic Period began:


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