Pandemic Photos and Articles O’ Day 74

Ahhh. “social distancing” – a concept with which most of us weren’t familiar just about two and a half months ago. Now, it’s dominating our lives and even leading to some humorous creativity in implementing it – especially in restaurants.

But first, some relevant and recent articles….

“How Your Brain Prevents You From Getting Sick”

“Prepare for a Behavioral Disaster Wave: Resilience If and When COVID-19 Returns”

“Washing Your Hands Triggers Trillions of Tiny Molecular Explosions”

“Art of the New Deal: How Artists Helped Redefine America During the Great Depression”

Previous “Pandemic Photo O’ Days” have shown physical reminders of the safe distance to keep from others. “Angel wings” and giant inner tubes are just two of the creative solutions.

But what about taking a “branded” approach? You know, take something already associated with your brand, say something you’ve given away at your restaurants forever, and super-size it enough to create a clear perimeter. Enter Burger King’s German outlets:

What if your a “mom and pop” place and you don’t have the resources to craft something complicated?

Just take what you can find by the pool and strap it on your diners’ heads:

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