Pandemic Photos O’ Day 73

Before I get to the articles and tell you about the bat-s*it crazy photo above, here’s a follow up to the story connected to yesterday’s Pandemic Photo O’ Day.

Some relevant and interesting articles I discovered recently:

[Commentary] “What I Learned from Writing Letters to Strangers Across America”

[News] “A New Social Movement is Helping Connect Those Who Need Help with Those Who Can Help”

[Opinion] “Crumbs for the Hungry But Windfalls for the Rich”

[Entertainment] “The Netflix Show the Pentagon Can’t Stop Talking About”

[Science] “Flavor Networks Reveal Universal Principle Behind Successful Recipes”

And now to today’s photo. I’m not sure if it’s amazing, impressive, or creepy. Maybe it’s all three.

I highly recommend that you read the article about this unique scene. And take a few minutes to watch the interview with the home owner who has these massive owl “chicks” outside of his living room window. Watching him talk to them through the window (while kneeling on a pillow he keeps handy for this action) is priceless!

The runner ups to this photo of massive fuzzy owls is this pair entitled “A Tale of Two Leaders on Memorial Day 2020”

Per the Washington Post: “Memorial Day Offers an Array of Contrasts…”

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