Pandemic Photos O’ Day 72

Once again, it’s pretty late (0223) and I’m feeling particularly sleepy.

I’m going to forgo the articles (sorry) and just get to the photos.

There’s two today. The one in the header of this post is from Lake of the Ozarks in the state of Missouri.

The article from which the photo was taken is headlined: “Crowds Pack Venues…Ignoring Social Distancing”

The second photo is this one which I took just a few minutes ago:

If this was a “normal” Memorial Day Weekend, I wouldn’t have taken this photo b/c I wouldn’t have the time to work on a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I’d be wrapping up my grades and preparing my finals for the first week of June.

This Pandemic Period school year there aren’t final exams and my grades are almost completely wrapped up (which is always a good feeling!)

More significantly, the photo of people crowded into a swimming pool in a summer resort area would be unexceptional as it’s a holiday celebrating the start of the summer season (and, oh yes, to remember those who’ve given their lives in service to our nation)

This has been the oddest and most difficult spring in my 50 year life-time.

How could I expect that this coming summer would be any less odd?

So the season turns and this week we will likely pass the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths in the USA from COVID-19. (screen shot from 0245 EDT, 5/25/20

Yet for some, like those in the photo at the top, there appears to be no change in behavior befitting this crisis time in which anyone could be an unknowing carrier of a mysterious and often brutal virus.

And I suppose some will continue to flock to beaches under the shadow of signs like this:

I’d have a hard time thinking, wishing, believing it was a “normal” holiday weekend when signs like this one are all around. Yes, I would. Yet I guess others don’t.


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