[700th Post!] Pandemic Photo and Video O’ Day 71

My goodness, how the posts are accumulating!

I published my 600th post about six weeks ago on (Good) Friday, April 10th.

How time flies when you’re “sheltering at home” and there’s not much creative for me to do other than blogging.

First, a few relevant and interesting articles:

[News] “From Near Disaster to Success, How Japan has Tackled the Coronavirus”

[Data] “Which Grocery Chain has the Best Health and Safety Policies for its Workers?”

[Info] “Step by Step Instructions for How to Make a DIY Sock Face Mask”

[Analysis] “Why Our Economy Might Be Headed for a Decade of Depression”

[Opinion] “Learning to Live in the Valley of Uncertainty”

The photo above connects to a significant global event taking place on Sunday the 24th (which it is now at I write this)

I wanted to post this now, in order to give you a heads up on this special prayer being prayed around the world.


You can download the entire prayer on a handy “prayer card.”

A video which represents something specifically unique to me on Saturday the 23rd of May is this trailer of a film which I’d only watched once before:

I loved it when I first saw it in the theaters around Thanksgiving and I appreciated it even more on my second watch yesterday.

If you’ve not yet watched this well-written, superbly acted, and entertaining homage to “classic” murder mysteries, stream it this weekend as I highly recommend it!

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