READING! “My” for Saturday, May 23rd

Saturday of the holiday weekend designating the start of Summer 2020.

It’s going to be a very different summer than any you and I have seen in our lifetimes. A few headlines we’ve not seen other Memorial Day weekends in the past:

22 Virtual Summer Camps for Kids

Quiet at the Capital is a Reminder that Summer Traditions are On Hold

Road Trips Won’t Be the Same this Summer: Here’s What You Should Prepare For

Pools Will Test the Limits of Social Distancing

Here’s the link to The Week and the Five Things to Know Today as I think this is a good, balanced source for solid information.

Do check out also The Conversation and the Good News Network site

Want to spend some time this weekend in prayer and contemplation? Visit the Creighton U. Daily Reflections

If you have 15 minutes for a great listen, do check out yesterday’s episode of The Good News Ride Home podcast.

And here’s the link (which stays the same each day) to “My”

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Saturday May 23rd You can bookmark this link!

Beautiful weather outdoors today (finally!) is calling me, so I will forgo the article links here. And just sign off for now.

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