Pandemic Photos and Articles O’ Day 70

Wow – ten weeks since I started counting the Pandemic Period days (on Friday, March 13th)

And here we are, wrapping up the unexpected final quarter of the 2019-2020 school year as we wonder what to expect when the 2020-2021 school year arrives in well, not many more than ten weeks from now.

Today’s photos give us a glimpse of how our schools (and our students) might look different.

But first, the articles of the day:

[Information] Is There Any Way to Socialize Safely During the COVID Pandemic?

[Data] States Are Reopening – See How Coronavirus Cases Rise or Fall

[Opinion] No One Knows What is Going to Happen

[Opinion] The First Invasion of America

[Celebration] The Game That Ate the World: 40 Facts on Pac-Man’s 40th Birthday

NOTE: Some days (like today) may skew towards a certain publication. This is b/c I didn’t have much chance today to look around and capture articles from multiple sources.

OK, disclaimer done. On to the photos:

There’s not much to the source article as the photos pretty much speak for themselves.

I guess the “wing span” is about six feet. So if one child’s wings touch another child’s wings, then YOU’RE TOO CLOSE!

The wings serve the same purpose as the rolling, inter-tube, bar tables I featured the other day.

There’s many, many things that we’re going to have to get used to as we seek to move through and then past this Pandemic Period.

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