Pandemic Photo and Videos O’ Day 66

Day double sixes on Monday (although I’m 2.5 hours into Tuesday now).

Here’s a few relevant articles which caught my attention Monday.

(News/Profile) Ohio’s Dr. Amy Acton Inspires Admiration and a Backlash

[Readers may recall a while back how I gave her and our governor a shout out as Heroes/Sheroes of The Common Good. He got national coverage and now she has it in the WaPo article above]

(News/Information) Lessons from Slovakia Where Leaders Wear Masks

[Both of my paternal grandparents were born in Slovakia, so this article makes me feel doubly good!]

(Opinion) 7.7 Million Young People are Unemployed – We Need a New ‘Tree’ Army

(Information) Stay Connected to Culture on International Museum Day

I came across a grim and sobering photo Monday morning, but since I can’t find where I saved it, I guess I’ll go right to the fun stuff in this post.

Here’s the other thing that caught my attention as I began this new work week:

After watching this, I was reminded about how cool penguins really are! And how maybe it’s time to watch March of the Penguins again soon.

Sunday’s photo was of the German soccer league restarting matches this past weekend.

On Sunday night, Last Week Tonight, with one of my favorite TV hosts – John Oliver, ran this story/commentary about restarting sports leagues. Note, the content is “PG-13” bordering on “R”

Watch it until the end where he introduces (which was totally new to me) an amazing “sport” which you can watch right now on YouTube.

I was going to introduce that “sport” here, but it’s late and I want to wrap up this post. I’m teasing this “sport” in the top and bottom images for today.

I watched only one video of it and I know I’ll be watching many more. And I’ll surely post about on it here sometime too!

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