Pandemic Photos and Articles O’ Day 64

It was fantastic weather here in Central Ohio today and the photos are my own – taken in my yard.

But first, some articles:

(Information) Summer Weather Could Help Fight Coronavirus Spread But Won’t Halt Pandemic

(Information) The Horror of the Coronavirus Data Lag

(Opinion) World Looks On in Horror as Trump Flails Over Pandemic Despite Claims the US Leads the Way

(Fun News) Watch: Missouri Penguins Enjoy ‘Morning of Fine Art’ at Local Museum

If you’re a music fan, like quizzes and/or interesting data, you have to check out this interactive, music activity: Identifying Generational Differences in Experiencing Popular Music of Different Eras

As mentioned above, it was a spectacular day to be out in the yard or the park today.

I found this guy in the backyard as I started mowing.

I don’t know if he’s the same wild rabbit that I caught in a previous post as I did see two other similarly large ones in my backyard.

Later in the day, I moved to the front yard and after putting in the brick barrier (seen on the left of the frame) which is the new border of our flower bed, I put down (oddly blue) grass seeds to see if I can get grass to grow where the previous, larger bed was.

And, perhaps needless to say, I downloaded a pretty cool photo editing app and played around with the photos.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow is equally nice and I’ll be outdoors to take some more photos then!

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