Pandemic Photos and Articles O’ Day 62

To keep things fresh, I’m including a new aspect of this daily post.

At the top, before I get to the photo(s), I’m going to include 3 to 5 articles that I came across in the past few days. They may not all be COVID related, but all will be articles that I believe are relavant to what we’re going through today.

Some will be news articles while others are opinion pieces. I’ll clearly label which is which. And I’ll post the links with little or no comments.

How are these article links different than the ones I’m posting earlier in the day in the READING! post. The links in that post are ones found in the day’s “My” while the ones here were found elsewhere.

(News) Talking Can Generate Corona Virus Particles Which Can Linger Up to 14 Minutes

(News – IMPT) The Risks – Know Them, Avoid Them

(Opinion) Coronavirus Will Win. America Needs to Make a Plan for Failure

(Opinion) The ‘American Way of Life’ is Shaping Up to Be a Battlefield

Now to the photos! I gave my students an assignment to share their own Pandemic Photo O’ Day.

Here are the ones that students took themselves (without their names or identifying details)

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