Pandemic Photo O’ Day 61

It’s been two months since I started my count Pandemic Period days on Friday, March 13th.

And I’m pretty sure my brain is melting as we start our third month in lock down.

The evidence for the increasing squishiness of my cerebral cortex is my choice of photos to document May 13th.

It was a sunny, warm day – the first in a while – and I got out for a walk in a park with a good friend I’d not been in touch with for years. You’d think I’d get a photo outside, maybe with my friend and that would be how I’d document May 13th.

And that’s what I thought I do. Until I found a link which reminded me that May 13th is Top Gun Day.

If you’re a teen of the 1980’s and male, there’s a good chance that for you, as it was for me “Top Gun” was perhaps the most formative film of the decade.

It’s late (0115) so I’m not going to get into details about the ways that Top Gun, released on this day (almost) in 1986, was “formative”

I don’t think any of this so far is necessarily evidence that my brain feels ready to slide out of my ears.

What is evidence of my coming cerebral collapse is what I did when I found the Top Gun Call Sign Generator website.

Of course, I put in my name and it gave me this moniker:

And then all heck broke loose when I realized that hitting the “refresh” button on my browser would cause it to generate another one, and then another, and so on.

So, I clicked for an embarrassing number of times. I did get some interesting, odd and funny ones:

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