IMPT: Excellent Interactive Maps and Graphs for COVID-19 Tracking

I thought about making the image above the Pandemic Photo O’ Day for Friday (which ended a minute ago)

But, I’m labeling this as IMPORTANT and pinning it to the top as it updates and replaces the last set of maps and tracking websites labeled as IMPT.

This is hard evidence of why we must be cautious as we “reopen the economy” This is a chilling predictive graph which shows the number of deaths that may occur if we’re rash and reckless and not wise and cautious.

And why is absolutely shameful that wearing masks when we go out is becoming a partisan issue .

To modify a thought by Arnold – pictured with former Senator John Kerry in my photo below from the World War Zero town hall back in early March:

There is NOT a Republican only COVID.

There is NOT a Democrat only COVID.

There’s just one COVID-19 and it’s killing both Republicans and Democrats alike!

Please take some time with this link – as the information found within it is critical. And please share this link with others!

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