READING! “My” for Friday, May 8th

Happy Friday to you!

If you’re in the majority of the U.S. today you’re feeling a chill like early March and not early May. Ugh!

My was having some issues yesterday, but they are fixed now. I’ve changed the “content” settings a bit and I’m using this as a time to modify my “early” in the day post.

I’ll continue to include the link to The Week and the Five Things to Know Today as I think this is a good, balanced source for solid information.

And I’ll have the link (which stays the same each day) to “My”

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Friday, May 8th You can bookmark this link!

While I recommend that you visit the National Day calendar, I’m not going to highlight the day’s celebrations going forward.

Rather, I’m going to include (on weekdays) the link to the day’s The Coronavirus Morning Report.

I listen to this focused digest each day (it’s posted late in the morning) and I find it extremely helpful as it gives me a quick (less than 25 min) and engaging overview of the top stories and news about COVID-19.

The link I post will take you to the episode – which you also subscribe to and stream via all of the major podcasting/pod-catching apps. You’ll find at the link I post, the day’s “show notes” with important links to the stories discussed in the episode.

For example, here’s today’s links (for the “live” links, visit the episode):

And you can also stream their audio via YouTube:

Finally, each day, I will highlight three to five articles found my day’s “” – especially stories focused on the three main topics featured on this blog – educational technology (especially related to faith development,) building The Common Good and addressing the global climate emergency.

How Long Should a Remote Learning Day Be?

Teacher Appreciation Week: COVID Helped Us Appreciate Teachers More

With High Levels of Prayer the U.S. is an Outlier Among Wealthy Nations

Billions Could Face Temperatures Inhospitable to Human Life in the Next 50 Years

23 Science-Backed Ways to Feel Happier

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