Pandemic Photo O’ Day 49

It’s again well after midnight (0149) on Saturday as I share with you Friday’s photo.

I measure this Pandemic Period from Friday, March 13th. That fateful last day of our face to face classes was seven weeks ago now.

My Friday, May 1st was a somewhat warmer day with sun finally arriving in the early evening.

Because it finally felt more like actual springtime, my photos O’ the day are of my favorite spot at home – the screened-in back patio/porch.

As the sun was getting lower, I mowed our thick yard. While I was pushing the mower back into the garage, I paused to admire my favorite spot.

It hasn’t been warm enough yet this season to get out and enjoy sitting in my spot reading, meditating or even snoozing.

But, I’m hopeful that as these long days of staying at home (our governor extended this order throughout most of May) continue, I’ll soon be able to enjoy them outside in my favorite spot.

Here’s hoping!

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