Pandemic Photo O’ Day 48

It’s late, but I’m not going to tell you what time it is as I write this.

Rather, I’m going to show it to you:

What is it you’re seeing above?

I use Firefox as my browser and I wanted to play around with “add on’s” to see how to make my “browsing experience” even better.

It’s called Tabliss and it gives me a customizable, always changing “new tab” screen.

I can set bookmarks on it (they are hidden in the shot above) as well add as number of other features.

One of my favorite parts of it is the “literary clock” which gives me the time by quoting a work of fiction. Kudos to whomever loaded all of that data.

It’s an appropriate day for me to make my laptop screen the photo for Thursday as I didn’t really do much else today besides sit in front of this screen.

The weather was raw (didn’t get above 50 degrees) and my motivation to get up and move was surprisingly low. Yet, I could “see” the world on my “new tab” screen as I pointed and clicked and then clicked some more.

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