Pandemic Photos O’ Day 45

Lots of photos today to share from various places.

It’s after midnight (0039) but I haven’t watched anything tonight. Rather, I finished this 500 piece-er:

First, the grim:

The article from which this photo was taken is a valuable one to read – “We Still Don’t Know How the Corona Virus is Killing Us.

But the degree to which doctors and scientists are, still, feeling their way, as though blindfolded, toward a true picture of the disease cautions against any sense that things have stabilized, given that our knowledge of the disease hasn’t even stabilized.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s a reminder that the coronavirus pandemic is not just a public-health crisis but a scientific one as well.

And that as deep as it may feel we are into the coronavirus, with tens of thousands dead and literally billions in precautionary lockdown, we are still in the very early stages, when each new finding seems as likely to cloud or complicate our understanding of the coronavirus as it is to clarify it.

Instead, confidence gives way to uncertainty.

Now, the great:

And two photos from my neighborhood.

Great news! The empty “little library” which I featured about ten days ago, is NOW FULL AGAIN:

Look carefully and see if one of the titles makes you chuckle.

And then there was this inspiring little creation:

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