Pandemic Photo O’ Day 44

It’s really, really late (0238) on Monday morning, so I’m going to keep this one really short.

My bed is calling, but that sink full of dirty dishes downstairs ain’t going to go away on its own.

The first-person account in this article is gut-wrenching and heart-breaking.

Here’s the quote that struck me:

I try not to count down the days or make projections about when all of this is going to be over.

The truth is, it’s starting to become routine.

I always stand six feet away from the families.

I always wear my space suit whenever I’m anywhere near a body.

I always take off my clothes and have my wife spray me down with Lysol as soon as I get home.

The chamber of commerce has gone ahead and given me a tractor trailer with shelves to store extra bodies, which I might need depending on how reopening goes and how many more cases we get.

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