Pandemic Photo O’ Day 43

Before I reflect on the photo O’ the day, a note on my numbering of these days.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am counting from the last day of my face to face teaching – Friday, March 13th. This means Friday was six weeks or 42 days from when “- – it got real” for me.

Wired Magazine, has a long piece entitled: “An Oral History of the Day Everything Changed”

The day on which they focus is Wednesday, March 11th – on which a number of significant events happened which began a cascade of closures, cancellations and wide spread concern.

And a careful reader of this blog will see that I double numbered along the way and have two entries for “Day 36” Mea culpa.

Today’s photo is the banner for a project of the NY Times. Here’s how to link to the “home page” of it:

This feature, from their Opinion group, appears to be a place where key thought pieces will reside.

The goal of this project is:

Through this initiative, Times Opinion is exploring, and seeking to answer, basic questions about what the government owes its citizens, what corporations owe their employees and what we all owe each other.

America was ailing long before the coronavirus reached its shores.

Now we have the chance to make it better.

I’m sure that I’ll read many of the pieces collected here. I’ll likely blog about a few of them also.

What caught my eye was this work of photo journalism laying bare the rank economic injustice which has made COVID-19 a disproportionate killer.

The stark photos in this gallery are interspersed with text from the Opinion piece introducing this important series:

Of all of the stark photos in the essay, this one caught my attention the most:

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