READING! “My” for Saturday, April 25th

It’s Saturday and exactly noontime as I begin this post.

Here’s the “5 Things You Need to Know Now” list published by The Week. It’s a good, quick, balanced overview of the big stories of the day.

The banner story (from which the image above comes) is a particularly useful one for us today:

How to Be Happy: 25 Science-Backed Ways

Here’s the link to today’s “My” to see all of the great stories there:

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Saturday, April 25th You can bookmark this link!

Lots of things on today’s National Calendar. I’m going to highlight just five of them here:

Three of them are obsolete in this on-going time of physical distancing: Hug a Plumber, Kiss of Hope and this one:

A historical event remembered today is:

Finally, if you’re looking for something to bake today, it’s National Zucchini Bread Day! Yum!

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