Calendar ALERT! “Jersey for Jersey” Wednesday, April 22nd at 7pm EDT

I’m starting yet another feature here to alert readers about special time-sensitive events to help each other during this Pandemic Period.

In the wake of Saturday’s Global Citizen event uniting the entire world, there’s a similar idea Wednesday night with the focus on just one state:

New Jersey, like its neighbor across the Hudson River, has been hit hard by COVID-19. And this star-studded event, from the homes of the performers, is raise money for this purpose:

The NJPRF [NJ Pandemic Relief Fund] exists to meet four critical challenges of our state in the face of the COVID-19 crisis: stop the spread, support the healthcare community, provide help for the vulnerable, and rebuild our communities.

NJPRF supports organizations that provide essential services and aiding those on the front line of the pandemic. One hundred percent of all online donations will go directly to help those in need.

To whet your appetite for Wednesday night…

Do visit their site for more info –

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