Pandemic Photos O’ Day 38

It’s well after midnight (0217) so I need to keep this post from Monday brief.

I encountered each of these three photos at different times on Monday. They tell the story of the range of emotions we our feeling individually and collectively during this crisis.

Soon after I woke up, I saw this photo from Denver of an “anti-social distancing protest”:

Read more about this photo here.

This evening I came across this heart and gut wrenching story from Detroit:

One of her parents is a firefighter while the other is a police officer

So, in the first photo you have a nurse – who is giving his all to save lives as most of us “stay home.”

Sadly though, because this virus is so cunning, the sole desire of our medical personnel – to save lives – is thwarted and they have to watch as beautiful children like Skyler die.

And also in the first photo you have a woman who is frustrated, angry and perhaps hurting economically because of the physical distancing we’ve been doing to (apparently in many places) successfully “flatten the curve”

Shamefully though, because this virus is so cunning, that woman’s desire – to rush an “opening of the economy” before we have adequate tests and safety protocol – will almost certainly cause deaths – perhaps even of children – which would have been avoided with prudence and compassionate caution.

Finally, in the middle of the day, in Ohio we received the news at the headline of this shot from the Columbus Dispatch:

I am sad that I will not see my students face to face again this school year. Ironically, the news was announced while I was seeing and praying with a few of them – via Zoom.

It was likely one of the toughest decisions that our Gov. Dewine had to make in his many years as an elected official.

And keep in mind that the deeply disturbing photo of protesters pounding on a door (which I posted a few days ago) was taken as these protesters tried to get the attention of the governor who was having a press conference not far away inside of the Ohio Statehouse.

I’m sure the governor’s announcement made those people even angrier.

But it was the right decision, because it will save lives.

And in the end, what matters more than that?

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