Pandemic Photos O’ Day 37

Yeah, it’s late again (about 0110) – no movie or TV watching tonight – just getting my lessons ready for tomorrow’s remote learning.

Yesterday, my photos were related to the One World: Together at Home event which streamed online for six hours and then aired on the three major networks from 8pm to 10pm EDT.

I plan to say more soon about Global Citizen as they are a hugely important resource both now and beyond the pandemic time.

Before the photos, did you know that Spotify has an extensive playlist of recordings of the songs aired on “One World.” And they said that proceeds from the streaming of the music will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund — SO LISTEN TO IT A BUNCH!


My handful of photos today comes from this BuzzFeed article I found:

Here’s What Rooms 54 Celebrities Filmed Their Coronavirus Support Videos In For Lady Gaga’s “One World” Fundraiser

Clearly The Guardian’s reviewer thought this look into celebs’ homes was a fascinating aspect of this broadcast.

But here’s my Top Five Celeb Performance Locations:

A few of the opinions I found on the broadcast:

Variety: TV Review:

One quality completely missing from the special was anger….

The sponsoring Global Citizen is all about raising money for PPEs, not getting people pissed. So politics were a long way from entering into any of it — although we are now at a sad and bizarre point where the nonpartisan act of supporting the World Health Organization, one of this show’s primary purposes, has suddenly been made into a political purpose itself.

Lousy ‘One World Together At Home’ concert made us feel worse

One World: Together At Home review – Lots of glamour but where was the anger?

But aside from Hozier’s hair what is truly missing from the evening is a flash of anger.

Some countries have reacted promptly and efficiently to the spread of the disease. In others, however, containment efforts have been shambolic.

It would have been nice for someone to say this: for One World to have had its Geldof “give us your f***ing money” moment. But it isn’t to be.

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