Pandemic Photos O’ Day 36

Today, there are two photos which I saw at about the same time.

I’m struck by the contrast between these two photos – both of which show a moment of protest.

I’m going to put them together here before I comment b/c a picture is worth a thousand words, yes?

A bit of context to this juxtaposition.

The top photo is this year’s winner of the World Press Photo award.

The accompanying article says this about the moment captured in the esteemed photo:

It shows a demonstrator reciting protest poetry, while a crowd of fellow protesters illuminate him with the light from their phones.

Judges said Chiba’s “poetic” photo showed the power of youth and art.

“We see this young person, who is not shooting, who is not throwing a stone, but reciting a poem,” he said. “It’s acknowledging, but also voicing a sense of hope.”

The second photo shows a group of anti-social distancing protesters on Thursday. They are outside of the Ohio State House here in Columbus banging on the door trying to get the attention of our governor.

From the local media story on the protest which generated the photo:

Farmer also led the demonstrators in a series of “When I say tyrant, you say Mike DeWine” chants, among others

Another demonstrator, John Jenkins of Pleasantville, was bearing an upside down American flag, traditionally a distress signal.

“Ohio is currently under distress,” Jenkins said. “The United States is generally under distress.”

I’m a big fan of civil protest to get the attention of the ruling powers and to agitate for change.

And there are different ways to protest – some “poetic” others “frightening and compelling”

And some types of protest in which those agitating appear more human and noble while other protests in which those agitating remind some of non-human zombies.


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