Pandemic Photo and Video O’ Day 35

It’s only a bit after midnight (26 minutes to be exact) and I have multiple photos to share today.

The video, put out by the NYC area sports teams cannot be embedded here. This article has the video, with the theme “We’re all in this together”

And this isn’t pandemic related, but the Sony World Photography awards were just published.

This photo and 32 other ones come from a delightful post in the “Goodful” section of Buzz Feed.

There are many great, heartwarming images to be found in that article. Here are my three other favorite ones:

This last photo caught my eye elsewhere today for it’s sheer strangeness:

Note that it comes from the Gaza Strip.

The image took on greater meaning when I scrolled further in the news site which published it and found this item:

Note the last paragraph. The photo likely shows not a humorous way to create a mask, but a desperate mother, without adequate resources, trying to protect her children.

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