Against the Common Good – “Ingredients for Mayhem”

I seek to be positive and that’s why I created a feature at this blog entitled “Heroes and Sheroes For the Common Good”

Today I received a clear sign for whom to honor with my second post in that feature. And that’s the next post I’ll make here.

I’ve resisted starting this feature – spotlighting influential people today who are doing and saying things which are NOT fostering The Common Good.

I’ve also resisted criticizing President Trump on this blog, because while it’s a political space (Catholic faith is political), I don’t want it to come off as partisan.

This afternoon something shifted as I received my evening “briefing” email from Here’s a screen shot of it:

Are you familiar with ?

A look at its Wikipedia entry quickly shows that it is NOT a liberal, or even really a centrist site.

Classified as “center” on the political spectrum “All Sides” and as slightly “left-center” by “Media Bias/Fact Check” it is a corporate-friendly publication as evidenced by the fact that one of it’s biggest funders/sponsors is the conservative (and increasingly libertarian) Koch Industries.

So for Axios to call out the President with a lead story (emailed out to what is surely a massive email list) like this, is eye-popping and significant:

That “bottom line” above – “It surely can’t be helping…” is massively downplaying the danger that can be wrought by The President of the United States urging citizens to “LIBERATE” states that are being guided by wise governors and scientifically informed medical advisors.

And note that the President says what needs to be saved – isn’t human lives or even economic activity – but “your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!”

Here’s the photo that Axios ran with the story referenced above:

I’m not going to say more here about how dangerous, disappointing and demoralizing the President’s attitude expressed in his Tweet about “liberating” states is to me as I’m striving to hope that a shared, renewed commitment to The Common Good will grow from this crisis time.

Also, I want to get to my next post about A Hero and Shero for the Common Good.

I will close with this quote – I’ve taken off who said it:

Any guesses? here’s the entire quote from the source:

Quoted in Great Speeches from then VP Nominee Gov. Sarah Palin’s speech to the 2008 Republican National Convention.

[NOTE: The paragraph above which begins with: “Classified as…” has been modified since this post was first published in order to clarify the political leaning of]

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