Pandemic Photo O’ Day 34

Once again, it’s pretty late. I was so close to posting this around 2230 on Wednesday, but something distracted me.

And here I am at 0154 on Thursday.

When I think of what public gathering space I miss the most, my mind keeps coming back to our excellent public library.

Back in “normal” times – like the beginning of March – I’d be at our library three or four times a week. I’m not going wax poetic about what it means to mean and I why I miss it so much.

Just trust me – second only to worshiping physically with others, it’s what I miss the most.

I saw this today when I was walking around the neighborhood with my wife:

I smiled, b/c I love the idea of these LittleFreeLibraries you see occasionally in suburban yards, school yards and other places.

I felt sad though too, b/c if you look carefully you’ll see there’s a handwritten note inside the empty space which says “Closed for now.”

Yep, even many (although not all) the LittleFreeLibraries are empty during these sad, strange days.

And yet, to end on a hopeful note, some of the empty boxes are being repurposed as “Sharing Boxes” filled not with books, but essential supplies to share with others.

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