Pandemic Photo O’ Day 33

My goodness, I’ve been keeping late hours since my schedule changed dramatically during this Pandemic Time.

I’m posting Tuesday’s photo quite late again (0135 on Wednesday.)

Wasn’t watching anything tonight, but preparing my lessons for the distance learning for my students tomorrow.

I had a medical-related errand to run today at about 5pm and was struck by how empty the highway was. This is how it should be as the entire state of Ohio remains under a “stay at home” directive for another two weeks.

It was too gray and chilly today to note whether the air is cleaner with so few cars on the roads.

In some cities around the world, the change in air quality is stunning:

Do check out this article in The Guardian as it offers an interactive feature in which you can “slide” the “before” and NOW images to see the remarkable difference.

One more image from this article: “Lego Making 13,000 Face Visors a Day….”

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