Pandemic Photo O’ Day 31

It’s only slightly after midnight (0031) as I write this post.

I’m confident that you, I and everyone else will forever remember Easter Sunday 2020 for at least one key reason – it’s likely that you celebrated this joyous day by worshiping via Zoom, Facebook Live or through another streaming tool.

My photo to remember this day, if I’d thought to “snap” it, would be a screen shot of Easter mass on my computer screen.

Or maybe it would be a photo of me, dressed in my PJ’s, with my computer screen showing Easter mass on it. No wearing a dress shirt, tie or even shoes during Easter worship this year.

Since I don’t have any of those, here’s an image I found that illustrates my experience of Easter Sunday 2020:

And just as Easter Sunday 2020 was not like any previous Easter, last night’s Saturday Night Live show was absolutely unlike any episode of that program in its forty-six year history as it was completely created from the homes of its performers!

Here’s the opening (with the perfect guest host):

But the segment which had me laughing out loud in way I’d not laughed in far too long is this one:

Do yourself a favor – take a few minutes to watch it – and let me know in the comments below if you laughed out loud at it.

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