Pandemic Photo O’ Day 30

It’s again after midnight (0100) as I post the photo for Holy Saturday.

As I mentioned previously here, something that I enjoy doing is watching and talking about movies with my son. So we stayed up late doing this once again tonight. I’m sad that his college closed their face to face classes for the school year and he had to move out of his dorm. We’re making the best of his unanticipated time back at home, by watching movies together, going for walks and trying to connect like we used to do.

So much is unusual and unexpected right now – even Saturday’s Photo O’ the Day:

Any year but this one you’d have just assumed this is some kind of cute Easter bonnet – perhaps for a newborn or an infant.

But 2020 isn’t any year and this is indeed a “cloth face covering” that you and I have been urged to wear when we leave our homes.

And I’m not giving just any kind of assignments to my students as we are distance learning now and until at least the end of April.

I’m helping them to realize that this is the first Historic Moment in which they are living – a time which will shape what follows and will therefore be talked about for a long time to come.

My students’ assignment over this Easter Weekend is to document how they are experiencing this time – particularly an Easter unlike they’ve ever celebrated in their decade and a half of life so far.

They will put together the photos they take, audio reflections they record, art they create and/or short videos they capture into something which tells their story.

To give them an example, I took photos today, added accompanying text and put it into a MS Sway presentation.

So not only do you get a Pandemic Photo O’ Saturday the 11th, but you can also view my Sway:

Easter 2020 – Photos and Reflections

Once the link opens, you might need to click the “Play” arrow to view the images and text.

Blessings to you and your on a memorable Easter 2020!

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