Pandemic Photo O’ Day 29

As I mentioned in a previous Photo post, I’ve been staying up late watching anime with my son. We finished the twenty-six episode show – but I’m still up late (0110) on Saturday.

The photo for Friday represents the fact that it was Good Friday.

Above and below you’ll find art by Virgil Cantini featured in the Busted Halo Virtual Stations of the Cross about which I wrote on Holy Thursday.

A tradition that I’ve kept with my students is to take my various classes to our school chapel and prayerfully view this representation of the fourteen stations. Sadly, I didn’t get to do this in Lent 2020.

I find this art deeply moving and a gateway to contemplation.

# 9 Stations of the Cross at the JPII Cultural Center in Washington March 3. (CNS photo/Bob Roller)

I didn’t watch these videos today for my Good Friday remembrance. Instead, I viewed and prayed with a live stream from a church service.

There’s a very different photo which would have possibly made this post – but I intentionally left my phone/camera in the car.

I went grocery shopping this afternoon and waited in line outside of the store. In Ohio, the stores that remain open are required to significantly limit the number of shoppers inside at one time.

My photo would have been of this line of shoppers (all adults – no kids to be seen anywhere) most wearing face masks of various types, queued up, standing at least six feet apart (marked with duct tape lines on the pavement) waiting for one shopper to exit – so that the next shopper in line could enter.

Kind of the anti-Black Friday rush and somehow fitting for the fifth Friday since March 13th – the date from which I’m counting this Pandemic Period.

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