[600th Post!] READING! “My Paper.li” For Friday, April 10th

It’s Good Friday – the most somber day of the year for Christians.

To honor the nature of this day, I’m going to forgo highlighting the National Day calendar.

Today marks the end of the second fortnight from when this Pandemic Period started for me.

Later today, I’m planning on posting a second reflection similar to the one that I posted after the first fortnight ended.

Here’s the link to today’s Paper.li:

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Friday, April 10th

https://paper.li/e-1584814795#/ You can bookmark this link!

I will take a moment to briefly highlight a milestone. This post is number —

I’ve previously noted other milestone posts on this blog – 500th post (interesting b/c it was on April 19, 2017) – 402nd post; 300th post; 200th post; 100th post (cool art on that one) and the very first post (way back on November 20, 2014)

Thanks for being here and here’s to the next one hundred posts!

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