READING! “My” for Thursday, April 9th

It’s Holy or Maundy Thursday. It is going to be a unique Triduum this year as I (and hopefully you too) will be participating from a distance via technology.

Here’s the link to today’s

The Ed Tech Emergent Daily, Thursday, April 9th You can bookmark this link!

Unlike yesterday, there’s quite a few celebrations today on the National Calendar.

Today is Winston Churchill Day b/c it was on this day in 1963 that he was made an honorary citizen by then president John F. Kennedy.

Celebrate this by eating a Chinese Almond Cookie as it’s the day for this too.

And go out and look for a unicorn or at least visit and down load their unicorn themed backdrop for today. An aside – as a search engine isn’t great, but their background image of the day is pretty awesome! You can get it easily for your phone here.

On a more serious note, it’s also:

Lastly, on a much less serious note, today is also:

To bring closure to this post and to bring two of the days together – according to the remarkably extensive fantasy name generator website, these are my unicorn names:

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