Pandemic Photo O’ Day 27

Once again, I’m posting Wednesday’s photo early in the morning (0111) Thursday. I have an excuse for getting started on this post so late/early in the morning.

This evening I watched a few episodes of the seminal anime Neon Genesis Evangelion with my 18 year-old son who is back home from college. One of the special ways that he and I would connect when he was living at home full-time was by going to the movies together.

Obviously we can’t out to see movies these days, so we’re making due at home. He’s a huge anime aficionado (he self-identifies as a weeaboo) and I know that he appreciates that I’m watching with him. I like it a lot too.

If you used the Google homepage for a search during the past few days, you likely noticed these special Google Doodles. The one from Wednesday is featured above.

If you click the logo, you’ll go directly to a page which describes ways to “help the helpers”

Google plans, over the next couple of weeks, to feature Doodles thanking and celebrating other helpers during this crisis:

So, in whatever way you can, be sure to say, to all the caring helpers:

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