Pandemic Photo O’ Day 27

Once again, I’m posting Wednesday’s photo early in the morning (0111) Thursday. I have an excuse for getting started on this post so late/early in the morning.

This evening I watched a few episodes of the seminal anime Neon Genesis Evangelion with my 18 year-old son who is back home from college. One of the special ways that he and I would connect when he was living at home full-time was by going to the movies together.

Obviously we can’t out to see movies these days, so we’re making due at home. He’s a huge anime aficionado (he self-identifies as a weeaboo) and I know that he appreciates that I’m watching with him. I like it a lot too.

If you used the Google homepage for a search during the past few days, you likely noticed these special Google Doodles. The one from Wednesday is featured above.

If you click the logo, you’ll go directly to a page which describes ways to “help the helpers”

Google plans, over the next couple of weeks, to feature Doodles thanking and celebrating other helpers during this crisis:

So, in whatever way you can, be sure to say, to all the caring helpers:


  1. […] As I mentioned previously here, something that I enjoy doing is watching and talking about movies with my son. So we stayed up late doing this once again tonight. I’m sad that his college closed their face to face classes for the school year and he had to move out of his dorm. We’re making the best of his unanticipated time back at home, by watching movies together, going for walks and trying to connect like we used to do. […]


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