IMPT: “Coronavirus Morning Report” and “We Need Smart Solutions…”

I’ve not posted an IMPORTANT entry (one which I “pin” to the top of the homepage) for a while.

Here’s a quick post to a couple of good sources for information and ideas related to this pandemic crisis.

The “Coronavirus Morning Report” podcast is a very good, one stop audio update for the most recent, solid information on the virus.

Here’s the set of links (not live – click here to access the live links) to the source materials for today’s episode:

The delivery of this daily (seems to be weekdays only) update is no frills and reminiscent of an old school radio newscast.

I found this article posted yesterday at the Washington Post website:

We Need Smart Solutions to Mitigate the Coronavirus’ Impact: Here’s Twenty

You can scroll though the list of short “opinion” pieces, or click the links at the top of the page (again the links are live here – click here to access the live links)

I’ve not read all twenty of the brief pieces yet, so I can’t offer my opinion on them here.

While the WaPo is offering free access to the COVID-19 coverage, if you’re an educator, you might consider subscribing to the full on-line version for just $5 a month (with the first four weeks for just $1)

The WaPo desktop site is quite good and they also have multiple, highly visually appealing smartphone apps as well.

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