Pandemic Photo O’ Day 26

It’s quite a bit after midnight (0130) as I post the photo from Tuesday.

My Tuesday evening went by particularly quickly b/c I was preparing the materials for my next time of “distance learning” with my students.

I teach Religion and this subject gives students digital learning materials on Mondays and Wednesdays. Although we only have to plan for two days out of the five day school week, I’m finding that it takes a fair amount of work to convert my lessons from a face to face mode to a modality the students can use to learn from a distance.

The photo today is of the shirt that I was wearing when I took a walk on a quite lovely afternoon. I’m holding one of the poles that I use for nordic walking.

A story from the other day’s Washington Post has been on my mind as I have a quiet and leisurely time during this “stay at home” period.

This doctor, Cory Deburghgraeve is the one who should wear the Superman shirt I had on today.

Please take a few moments to read his story and hear about how he is risking his life daily.

Please pray for him and all of those on the front lines of this war against COVID-19.

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