Pandemic Photo O’ Day 25

It’s closer to midnight (just 0050 right now) as I post my photo for/from Monday, April 6th.

I’m counting this as day 25 of this Pandemic Period since the last day we had school where I teach was on Friday, March 13th.

That was 25 days ago now.

This daily photo feature is to offer a visual record from each day during this paradoxically tense and relaxed time period.

Sometimes it will be a photo from a story that I saw and read on the internet. Other times, it will be a photo that I took as I went about my day.

Today, it’s the later – a photo of a tree in full bloom. I’m not sure what kind of tree it is, but it’s a common type in the neighborhood where I live.

The weather was sunny and warmish, so I took what has become my daily walk. It was good to get outside and to be active at the start of my second week of “teaching” my classes in a distance learning format.

I continue to be struck by how my experience of this time is completely shaped by so many factors over which I don’t have control.

As I walk on what looks and feels like a typical spring day in my part of the world, too many people are sick and dying of COVID while overworked and under-supplied medical personnel give their all to save those who are critically ill.

At the end of this day, I am so grateful for so much. And I pray for the grace and courage to be present to what ever tomorrow (actually today at 0105) may bring.

Be (and stay) well is how I’m signing my correspondence these days.

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