Pandemic Photo O’ Day 23

The photo from Saturday the 4th (again it’s April 5th now) is of me and my new mask. I wore it out today for the first time.

I think this is a representative photo to illustrate where we were today in this Pandemic Period.

The big question that has been lingering for the past week or so is – does wearing a mask do anything to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

Here’s a handful of articles from just the past few days, along with key quotes or illustrations:

“Everyone Thinks They Are Right About Masks (The Atlantic)”

In Asia, masks aren’t just shields. They’re also symbols.

They’re an affirmation of civic-mindedness and conscientiousness, and such symbols might be important in other parts of the world too.

If widely used, masks could signal that society is taking the pandemic threat seriously. They might reduce the stigma foisted on sick people, who would no longer feel ashamed or singled out for wearing one.

They could offer reassurance to people who don’t have the privilege of isolating themselves at home, and must continue to work in public spaces.

World Health Organization on the Use of Masks (with videos on how to use a protective mask properly.

The CDC on “Cloth Face Coverings”

No, I did not make the “cloth face covering” in the photo I took of myself above. I’m blessed to have a quite crafty sister-in-law who lives near me.

I wore the mask on a quick trip to pick up some online-purchased items at Target. Although I was only in the front of the store, two things seemed clear. All of the employees had surgical-type masks on while I may have been the only customer with one on my face.

Do I think wearing a mask kept me safer from either catching or giving (if I’m already infected and “shedding” the virus – even though everyone in my household and I feel fine) COVID to someone else?

Maybe or maybe not.

Perhaps there’s another significant reason for wearing one though.×576.jpg

There is a psycho-social reason for wearing a mask. Like the quote above says, it sends important messages:

  1. This present time is not business as usual;

2. There is a significant, albeit invisible, danger around to which we all need to pay attention;

3. We each have a social responsibility to act in ways to protect the health of others – even the strangers we encounter in the grocery or other public place.

So, for The Common Good, do something good, and wear a mask.

But do consider taking off your eye glasses when wearing, b/c every time I exhaled, my glasses briefly fogged up – a small price to pay for doing a good thing!×2654/filters:fill(87E3EF,1)/GettyImages-455282737-56b178bc5f9b58def9c6d64b.jpg


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