Pandemic Playlist #4 : My Spotify List and “All Songs Considered”

It’s been about a week since the last time I wrote about the songs I’m putting in my “Pandemic Playlist” In that time, I’ve added quite a few songs to it and I’ve also actually created a list in Spotify.

Before I share about my list, here’s how to access a similar list offered by the producers of NPR’s “All Songs Considered”

All Songs Considered: Old Songs, New Meanings

Bob Boilen says this about the list, which can be found here on Spotify.

I’ve been listening to a lot of old, favorite songs in these trying times. But even songs that were once comforting are colored by current events. Talking Heads singing, “This ain’t no party / This ain’t no disco / This ain’t no fooling around,” from “Life During Wartime,” was one of the first songs to take me by surprise. So, I did a social media callout to ask listeners if there were favorite songs taking on new meanings for them. A small flood of tunes, titles and phrases came my way, including Paul Simon’s “American Tune,” which has the line, “And I don’t know a soul who’s not been battered / I don’t have a friend who feels at ease.”

And here is my, still a work in progress, Spotify [RGK OH Pandemic Playlist]

As I wrote in my first post in this feature, I’ve been listening to a lot of SiriusXM as I work from home. Each of the songs on the list (until a point near the end of the current list) is one that I heard recently during my many hours of listening. And I’m sharing the songs in the order in which I heard them.

A number of songs on my playlist are ironic as they describe a situation which we’d respond to differently during this pandemic then we would have responded to it before this time period.

The 1975 sing about “You and Me Together”:

“So yeah, you and me can be together – just stay six feet away from me.”

The Killers, a red-hot band of the aughts and the 2010’s, just released a song with a title for the times: “Caution.”

So what happens when you’re a band scheduled to promote a brand new song on late night television on March 25, 2020 during this pandemic time?

You just play the song from home (are they really playing in a bathroom?)

And finally, from the energetic, alt-rock band, Grouplove.

Note that the posting date is March 17, 2020 and below the video is this note from the publishers of it:

Please note that this content was recorded before the US outbreak of COVID-19. SiriusXM is not conducting in-person performances at this time. Please stay safe

Here’s where I plug SiriusXM as I’ve been listening to it a lot these days: Hear more from Alt Nation on our app! Click here for your trial subscription:

Hmm…”I thought you were a leader / Found out you were a deleter” – wonder to whom that might refer?

How about one more from Grouplove? This one isn’t on my playlist, but I’ve always liked how fun and catchy it is.

Do note how much the guitarist has changed his look from 2014 (this video) to today (above)

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