It’s A Serious Time, But Not Time to Be Serious: Les Miz and Other Funny Corona Related Parodies

As I prepare to share more than a couple of humorous and clever Corona-related songs, I’m struck by how one’s experience of this crisis time depends completely on one’s location and situation.

Humor and even smiles are a luxury for me right now.

I can sit and share this post b/c I am well and not sick; in a profession (high school teaching) which is forced to be working from home (for the next month at least); my pantry and fridge are well stocked; I have good companions at home; I can get out and walk in my neighborhood; my region isn’t overwhelmed (yet?) with COVID cases…

You get the point.

I realize that there are far too many for whom this time is a living hell.

Medical professionals, first responders, grocery clerks, delivery people, immune compromised folks, elders, the homeless, people in NYC, and many, many more Americans and men, women, and children around the world. For them, it’s an intense time of fear, anger, grief, confusion, and even flat-out terror.

So, why then do these talented creators make and share these videos?

Why do I stay up late posting them here?

I’d suggest two reasons. First, when living in extra-ordinary times, if you can’t laugh at least some of the time, you quickly feel the need to scream and weep and weep and scream.

Also, I think most of us realize that at any moment our own lives across this unknown duration of days could shift suddenly from boredom and lightheartedness to sickness and a truly critical condition.

The potential of this kind of sudden shift is possible on any given day as uncertainty is the environment of the human condition. It’s just that in times like these, we are more aware of the fragility and uncertainty inherent in every human life.

So, in the spirit of eat, drink and be merry (for tomorrow we die), I share this series of videos. I originally just planned to post the first one and share the post and video with my friend and colleague Justin – a French teacher who LOVES Les Miz.

PLEASE NOTE THIS DISCLAIMERThere are a handful of swear words in a few of these videos. While I’m not a fan of swearing, these words are used thoughtfully in the context of the particular songs. And sometimes, in times like these, you just gotta use a “bad” word or two!

First, as promised, the parodies using Les Miz songs:

The Les Miz tune is a few songs into the video:

This dude Zach is pretty talented and funny, so here’s another one from him:

Yeah, I know that these next two are going to get stuck in your head for the loooongest time…

The family that quarantines together and then sings together – stays together!

So, try this next time you venture out to Target.

Politely ask a clerk, “I can see how overworked you are and I’m glad you’re here keeping the shelves stocked. I hate to ask, but could you kindly point me to the loo paper?”

One more annoying “ear worm” of a song…

I definitely could use more than just one minute of this one:

And just to prove that it’s not only the young and hip who can create clever Corona-parody tunes:

Notice the frequent mention in the songs about toilet (or loo) paper. Let’s take a break from the songs with this classic:

OK, I saved these two for last, because they are not for everyone. The first one is political and critical. The second is a bit edgier than the others. And I include it here because Justin, my aforementioned friend, is fan of Madonna (and all of the other pop divas)

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