It’s A Serious Time, But Not Time To Be Serious: Funny Music Videos

Yes, it’s another feature to help you (and me) get through the most wide spread (the entire planet) and most serious time (32,137 deaths globally from COVID-19 at the time of publishing this post) I’ve experienced in my now 50 years of life.

Although it is a serious time, we don’t all have to be serious all of the time (as long as we’re physically distancing and washing our hands)

I began writing this post last night, but it’s Sunday as I complete it. This allows me to bring back a feature from the last time that I was active blogging here: Sun(fun)day Night

To hopefully bring a laugh to your belly (or at least a smile to your face, here’s a bunch of fun/funny music-related videos I’ve come across recently:

And how about one more from this hilarious (and corny) family – taking a bad song and making it better? (or worse?)

And in the theme of parodies, here’s the actual Neil Diamond (who is a high-risk 79 years old) offering a (sort of) parody of perhaps his most famous song:

And speaking of beloved old codgers, here’s Paul Simon (who is a high-risk 78 years old) singing one of his songs to offer inspiration:

And while we’re looking at old, male, musical codgers, here’s Willie (a very high-risk 86 years old!) with his not-surprisingly also musical son Lukas.

And let’s connect the two previous videos through this one:

Okay, although I’m very much a Gen-Xer, I do have a thing for old musical codgers. So, here’s another one, John Fogerty (a slightly lower risk 74 years-old) singing one familiar tune and then another one:

And since this should have been the opening weekend of Major League Baseball 2020, let’s take a look at this Fogerty tune (which was the first song I ever heard from him when I was 15 years old in 1985)

Moving on from old codgers, how about a few more relevant parodies:

OK, I lied. One more semi-old (just 60 now, but 20 years old in this video) musical codger, the King of the Parody.

An aside, if you’re as much of a Weird Al fan as I’m (since my early teen days), do check out this campaign to get him into the Rock Hall of Fame (which has a “experience from home” option to check out now)

And he’s been out making music from home lately too:

And for the Gen Z’ers who know this song as a revival of sorts, the early Millennials who grew up with this band, and the Xer’s and Boomers who remember this song the first time back in 1981.

Yes, that’s Al in the cardigan.

And here’s Al as himself, also with Weezer:

Alright, time to wrap this post up with something different, but cool and music focused.

If life lately has felt like a roller coaster, check out this “actual” coaster.

This is stunning – especially the rolls near the end – (but don’t view right after eating)

And here’s two more cool music videos from this same producer:

Thanks, for reading or just scrolling this far! I hope these videos have brought a smile to this extraordinary Sunday!

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