Learn Something New Today: “Next Draft” Daily News Email (or App) – Plus Links to Streaming Music This Weekend.

If you’re anything like me, you have more than a couple of news apps on your phone. I’m not going to tell you the number (b/c I’m embarrassed by how many I have.) And then there’s the more than a few emails I get each day with links to various news sites.

One daily news email that I’ve been getting for a while is Next Draft. I’ll be honest, for a long time I ignored it (like I ignore most of those news emails from which I’m unwilling to “unsubscribe”)

But I’ve really become a fan of Next Draft. Dave Pell, the aggregator of the many relevant links describes his daily email (or iOS only app) in this way:

And there surely are “fascinating items” shared within his “fast, pithy wit” For example, from this evening’s email:

Since you’re looking at an image and the links aren’t live in it, here’s the links to the “What to Rock” items:

Elton John’s Coronavirus Telethon Concert (9pm EDT Sunday on FOX TV and I Heart Radio)

Stream Aid on Twitch (Noon to Midnight EDT Saturday via the Twitch link)

Austin City Limits Live Concert Archive (45 seasons worth!)

And Next Draft is even partnering with a notable author to publish a serialized short story:

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