A Recent Podcast Episode That Should AGITATE All of Us

Last night I posted my first entry in the Words For Now and Later – A is for AGITATE

When recording that episode, I had a different, recent podcast episode in mind – which has me highly agitated about the pitiful response to this crisis from the highest levels of our government.

The episode, recorded on Monday is from the highly respected show – NPR’s Fresh Air. In this episode, Terry Gross speaks with Max Brooks about how the federal government could and SHOULD be responding.

NPR Fresh Air, Tuesday, March 24th


I don’t see a transcript of this episode to quote here. Instead, I highly recommend starting at about nine minutes in when the hostess asks Brooks (who is an expert and thus a lecturer at the Modern War Inst. at West Point): “How is the U.S. pandemic response supposed to work?”

Brooks answers with a clear explanation the force a president’s invocation of the Defense Production Act brings to creating vital supplies needed during a crisis.

“The Fact Checker” in yesterday’s WaPo asks “Is Trump using the Defense Production Act”

The whole article is worth reading as it gives good background on the DPA. A key quote in the article reads:

But Azar and the Trump administration have not used the Defense Production Act to direct industries. FEMA Administrator Peter T. Gaynor said Tuesday on CNN that the administration was using the law for the first time since the outbreak to commission 60,000 testing kits, but an agency spokeswoman later in the day said that “at the last minute we were able to procure the test kits from the private market” without relying on the law.


If you are seeking a prayer “intention” which will save lives, please pray that President Trump overcomes his hesitation and utilizes this law which was written for a crisis like we are in now. It is shameful and stunning that he hasn’t done this already.

To end this post on a happier note, I didn’t realize (until I heard the intro to the Fresh Air episode) that Max Brooks has a famous and beloved dad:

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