Hero For The Common Good: St. Oscar Romero

I’m starting a new feature in the blog. In order to better live The Common Good, we should to look at the lives of heroes and sheroes who committed (or continue to commit) focus, energy, and vision towards bringing The Common Good.

Today is the feast day of an outstanding person with whom to start this feature. Please see what I posted about St. Oscar Romero on this day back in 2017.

This day in 2020 is particularly important b/c it was 40 years ago today that St. Oscar Romero was murdered/martyred as he presided at mass.

There’s so much that I can say and share about this church leader who is one of my truest heroes. If you’re not familiar with this martyr for justice, the best place to start is the feature film staring Raul Julia (in one of his last roles)


I’m going to limit myself to just five links for you to peruse in order to learn about Romero and what he can teach us about living The Common Good.

Oscar Romero: A Martyr for Social Justice, Explained

Oscar Romero’s Saintly Struggle for Justice

Top 25 Quotes by Oscar Romero

“Memories of Romero” Series

40 Year Anniversary: Death of St. Oscar Romero

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