Pandemic Playlist #2: "Life During Wartime," "By and By" and "Beautiful Faces"

A few days ago, I posted the first entry of my “Pandemic Playlist” series. In that entry, I said this about the songs that I’d include in the playlist:

For my part, as I come across songs that I hear in my social distanced days, I’ll post videos of said songs which I think connect to our current events in one way or another.

And, I’ll try to post live versions as much as possible – to simulate going out to a club or elsewhere.

I underscore the criterion for this list – I have to hear the song in the places where I’m streaming music as I stay home. Today’s first song, a classic, is one which played on SirusXM as I was cleaning the kitchen a little while ago.

From Friday’s Washington Post “Opinion” – “America Needs to Be On A War Footing.”

I just learned that a hot new “Americana/Folk” band, Caamp is from right here in my home town of Columbus, Ohio.

The question in this lyric seems relevant now:

Are you a life force?  

Thinking about her everyday  

On my mind atypical way 

Are you a life force? 

I like this catchy tune by the 21 year old British singer Declan McKenna. And these lyrics capture a desire that I think we all have (and had last Tuesday the 17th)

Tonight I wanna be on Broadway and in cabaret
Tonight I must go out and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Tonight I must demand a raise so I can grab, let’s say
Some part replacements with strawberry laces, no spaces

And how about a bonus tune from young Declan released a few years ago in which he criticized FIFA’s choice of the 2014 World Cup location.

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