Pandemic Playlist: "Revolution," "Hero," "Germs"

I’m starting another feature here on the blog. For me (and you too?) listening to lots of music is a way I’m coping with COVID-19.

I’m telling the truth about this – I titled this feature “Pandemic Playlist” (b/c of the alliteration) and then Googled those words. It was then that I found the image above and another “pandemic playlist”

For my part, as I come across songs that I hear in my social distanced days, I’ll post videos of said songs which I think connect to our current events in one way or another.

And, I’ll try to post live versions as much as possible – to simulate going out to a club or elsewhere.

I heard this relatively new song on Sirus-XM’s The Spectrum this morning:

“I want a revolution,

You want a short solution,

We never could see eye to eye.

You wanted retribution,

I came to the same conclusion

It’s a story as old as time.”

And we know who the true heroes are these days – those in professions at the greatest risk of getting sick as they care for others:

One more – some vintage Weird Al. He posted this recently, for obvious reasons…


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