For Teens, By Teens: 5 Myths About the Corona Virus

In the crazy two days (last Thurs & Fri) before we packed up my school and headed out on this break, I gave my students an extra credit opportunity:

create a brief visual or audio “public service announcement” (PSA) FOR TEENS to help them understand one of these aspects of the crisis we face together:

+ The Common Good aka “We’re all in this together!”

+ The importance of proper hand-washing and how to do this most effectively

+ What “social distancing” is and why it is vital right now.

+ What it means to “flatten the curve” and why this is important right now and for the future.

+ Clearing up 4 or 5 of the most common MYTHS about the Corona virus.

I offered this as a chance for them to create images and audio which will provide solid education to their peers. Most of the students created slide shows. Rather than put links to the slide desk here, I’ll will post images of the slides themselves. I’m removing the name of the creator of the slides to keep student names confidential.

Please download and share these images out on your social networks!


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