Two FREE Video Apps/Sites to Use While Exercising (or Not)

As most of us are social distancing these COVIDays you’re likely finding much to watch on your subscription based streaming services.

But re you getting up and moving in order to get your exercise?

Even though your gym may be closed (or you’re worried about the germs you might encounter there) and it’s raining too hard to go out for a walk (like it’s raining here in Columbus now), here’s a couple of FREE video streaming apps/sites you can use while moving (even in place) in front of your favorite screen.

Bit Gym is a way cool app. As it says in the image above, you put it on your treadmill or stationary bike and a first-person moving video plays. Don’t have this equipment at home? Then simply walk or jog in place in front of your screen as the video plays.

Regularly priced at $9.99 a month, the good people at BitGym are offering full memberships for FREE during the next two months!

No payment or commitment is required. Go to this LINK, set up an account and you’ll have instant access to all of their outstanding content.

A little while back, I used their videos each morning as I walked on my treadmill. The novelty-factor, engaging coaching, and scenic HD-videos made my work outs many times better!

You can use the second free video app while sitting on your couch or while you move on your exercise equipment (or as you walk/jog in place). This is both a browser-based site and a phone app.

New “channels” are posted every day which aggregate the best YouTube, Vimeo and other videos. The content is generally appropriate for teens and up and it is often highly topical. Get acquainted with Neverthink by watching (and laughing at) the best videos on (what-else?) HANDWASHING!

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